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Far Post Academy Certified Coach wearing Far Post Academy Coach black t-shirt



We believe that achievement goes beyond the classroom, into all aspects of a well-rounded life. We have experienced first-hand how team sports like futsal can offer young minds and bodies wholesome stimulation that is crucial in their
developing years.

Our academy provides a safe and fun environment for children to embrace their individuality while learning to thrive in a team or community setting. We aim to help the next generation to build a solid foundation of confidence, discipline, and passion on which they can grow towards their full potential.

Because we believe in equality and inclusion, we have designed our academy to meet the children at their individual levels of growth and aspiration. Everyone is
welcome, and fun and learning are guaranteed for all. At the same time, we are passionate about futsal and football and believe that there is real talent within the young generations of Malaysia, waiting to be fostered.

Thus, for children who demonstrate real interest and talent, we offer an elite training program that is designed to hone technical and tactical skills through professional
drills, strategic planning, and real world exposure through representing the academy at games and tournaments. We believe that with the right guidance, resources and training, we will be able to inspire a generation of passionate, committed athletes who can then go on to elevate Malaysian futsal and football, and make our country proud.


  • To help foster a generation that is socially active, passionate, well disciplined, goal-oriented and focused.

  • To grow the tactical and technical knowledge of futsal and football from the very grassroots of our community


  • To teach children the technical and tactical skills of futsal in order to channel their natural exuberance towards physical, mental, and social growth in a safe, fun, extra-curricular environment.


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  • To have FUN in a SAFE environment, learning DISCIPLINE, TEAMWORK, LEADERSHIP, GOAL-SETTING, and RESPECT for
    each other despite race or ethnicity.


Jeremy Dev Sadandan, Co-Founder of Far Post Academy


Sean Jayabalan, Co-Founder of Far Post Academy


Syed Mohd Ilyas, Co-Founder of Far Post Academy


Jeremy Dev graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in Psychology. He grew up with a passion for sport, and his experience and drive led him to begin coaching at a very young age – and he hasn’t stopped since. He currently teaches Physical Education at a private school in KL by day, and coaches futsal and football at the college level by night. He works with private teams and at institutions such as Monash, HELP, & Inti. He believes that the future of the sport begins with grassroots  development and hopes to have an impact on the sport on a larger scale in the future.

Despite being the youngest of the three, Sean Jayabalan has the most experience, having been in the coaching industry since he was 18 years old. Specializing in coaching children aged 12 and  under, he is currently a coach and operations manager at numerous academies and international schools. A skilled futsal player, he previously played in the national league with MPSJ, but had to stop due to a serious injury. However, this only intensified his passion for the sport and he is determined to push futsal to greater heights through coaching the next generation of young athletes.

Syed Mohd Ilyas graduated from Monash University and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His passion towards business took him off the path of engineering and into entrepreneurship. He has successfully started more than 4 companies, and has always wanted to branch into the sports industry, having grown up a football enthusiast and seeing its potential for growth and development in Malaysia.

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