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Football vs Futsal

Football has an undeniable place in the hearts of athletes and fans alike worldwide. But did you know that some of the world's best football players started off training in futsal? Beginning with futsal can provide the fundamentals needed for both futsal and footballs, and opens up avenues into picking the sport the athlete prefers later on.

So which should you choose for your child - football or futsal? Read on to find out!

Football vs Futsal: What's the Difference?

Football is played on a large, grassy, outdoor pitch, exposed to the elements.

Futsal is played on a small, sheltered indoor court.


Football is played in a team of 11 players spaced far apart.

Futsal is played in a team of 5 players, spaced close together.


Footballs are larger and 30% bouncier, making them harder to manage.

Futsal balls are smaller, denser, and easier to practice with


Football games typically last approximately 90 minutes.


Futsal games typically last around 40 minutes, but can be slightly longer due to stop time.


Why Choose Futsal For Your Child?

So, you've always dreamt about raising a footballer - give them the best start by letting them learn the fundamentals in futsal first! Futsal is a great way to hone specific skills that will translate excellently into football and competitive futsal later on.

Futsal Ball.PNG

Ball Control

A smaller, denser ball and more contact time means your child can learn the fundamentals of ball control more easily.



Fewer players on a team means that each player learns to be versatile in switching roles based on the needs of the game.

1V1 Tackles.PNG

1 v 1 Maneuvers

A small pitch means more direct confrontation with other players, honing the ability to maneuver out of tight spots.



With only 5 players on a team, every player matters. There is no room to be carried - every player has an impact on the outcome.



With less distance between goals, shots are taken and saved more frequently, honing specific skills for precision and defense.



More ball contact and shorter game times are more engaging for children, who need excitement to stay engaged.


Get Your Child Started Today!

Whether your child decides to pursue football vs futsal in the future, starting them off with futsal training will be the launchpad they need for success in their athletic career later on.

See if futsal is right for your child! Sign up for a FREE Trial Class and see how your child's natural talents can be nurtured under the right training conditions.

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