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Physical Futsal Classes

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Is It Safe to Go Physical?

The nation is opening back up after a prolonged lockdown, and we Malaysians are learning to live with COVID. Schools are also restarting in-class learning, and after months of online classes, we're very happy to see our kids on the futsal court again.


However, our kids' safety is our top priority, and so all our physical classes will follow strict SOPs in compliance with government regulations, including:

- Fully vaccinated coaches

- Limited number of kids per session

- Proof of negative test prior to class attendance

- Temperature screening

- Sanitization of hands, equipment, and facilities before and after each class

- Social distancing and mask enforcement outside of the court area

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Benefits Of Futsal Classes



Our carefully designed drills go back to the basics of coordination, agility, speed & power, as well as more sport-specific skills such as ball manipulation and team dynamism.


Playing sports helps children maintain their weight at a healthy level, and supports the healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It also improves cardiovascular fitness, coordination and balance.


Physical activity helps children develop better attention, information processing skills, creativity & mood. Being active increases natural endorphins, which promotes a sense of wellbeing & accomplishment.


With the recent pandemic, social playtime has been in short supply. It is important that they are able to meet their friends and socialize as this increases student engagement, motivation, and performance.

Innovative Tech

Our physical futsal classes feature the use of innovative light reaction training tech, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Our tech-enabled drills are extra fun and give us great data feedback to track each kid's progress over time!

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