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Far Post Academy Turns 1!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, Far Post Academy was just an idea among friends. We dreamt of creating a safe space where kids could get active (Move), have loads of fun (Play), and build their talents and skills (Learn) through the sport we love, futsal.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come over the past year in making that dream a reality, and we know we couldn’t have made it without the support you have shown us.

First and foremost, we'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to the parents of our kids for being so supportive and encouraging over the past year. Despite the occasional mistakes we made as we found our footing as an Academy, you guys remained patient, bringing your kids faithfully every weekend on time and waiting outside the court for class to end. Your enthusiasm in cheering the kids on brings an added spirit to our classes, and your support and feedback to us coaches encourages us and helps us to our job better!

Of course, we have to say thank you to our kids – we wouldn’t exist as an Academy without you little ones. Thank you for bringing your energy, enthusiasm, and laughter to our classes – interacting with you and seeing you grow as individuals and as a team makes all we do at Far Post so worthwhile. We are so excited to continue to grow alongside you this upcoming year!

To our amazing coaches – where would we be without your endless commitment? Thank you for putting aside your time and effort to come and coach our kids on a weekly basis. We know you sometimes have to put up with a lot (thanks to our cheeky kids) but you handle all situations with patience, firmness, and genuine care. Thank you for growing with us and we hope you’ll always find a meaningful career with our Academy!

It's been a meaningful journey with lots of joy, fulfilment, and of course, some rookie mistakes. But we've grown and learnt, and we are so grateful for all the amazing parents that we've had the privilege of meeting. And of course, not forgetting the little ones that we're proud to call our kids as well - they make every challenge worthwhile! Thank you for journeying with us and for all the genuine friendships formed. Here's to a bigger and better year in 2019.

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