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5 (Indoor) Ways To Get Your Kids Exercising!

We all worry about our children getting enough exercise. But, even for those fortunate enough to have a convenient, private park or play area close by, it can be hard to let your children run free outdoors without worrying about the heat, your child’s safety, or the possibility of injury. So what’s an urban-dwelling, concerned parent to do? Here are 5 ways that you can get your child’s exercise needs in – all of them indoors and safe within the confines of 4 walls and a roof!

1) Create a break-free room

Encourage your kids to get moving in your own house without fear of breaking something or

causing an injury! Designate one room in the house (could be your child’s bedroom) to be a

break-free room. This means no fragile items on display, no sharp corners, and no messes

waiting to happen (e.g. open beverage-filled cups).

Then, fill your break-free room with soft, indoor-safe activity items, like a wall-mounted

basketball hoop, soft throwing balls, jump rope, or foam pool noodles (for lightsabre fights,

of course!). Let your child run, play, and break free (no pun intended) in the room – better

yet, get moving with them!

2) Incorporate physical activity into other games

Add fun exercise forfeits into your usual family games! Monopoly? 10 jumping jacks + $150

for landing on Park Lane! Happy Families? Person with the fewest families at the end has to

do a one-minute plank + 30 seconds of running in place! The possibilities are endless, so

make the rules up as you go! But of course, be prepared to get moving yourself as

well…forfeits are always more fun with a friend!

3) Create a treasure hunt around the house

Hide an enticing item somewhere in the house – could be an existing favourite toy, or a new

little trinket – and leave your child a series of clues leading to the item. Write your clues on

paper and make them age appropriate – younger children likely need simple clues like “The

coldest place in the house” to indicate the fridge.

You will give your child Clue #1, which will lead them to the place where you have hidden

Clue #2, and so on until they find the final clue indicating where the treasure is hidden. So,

try to make your successive clues as far apart in the house as possible to maximize their

physical activity as they run around trying to find the next clue!

4) Take them to an indoor sports class

Turn your child’s exercise over to the professionals by signing them up for a weekly sports

class! Usually held for 1-2 hours, your child will be able to get moving, learn new sports skills, and meet other kids – which is a triple win! An indoor sports class run by certified coaches,such as the futsal classes run by Far Post Academy, allow your child to get their exercise in a completely safe environment, without worrying about the weather or other safety hazards.

Bonus: cool ball tricks! After all, who doesn’t want to pretend they are Neymar Jr every now

and then?

5) Go mall walking

For an activity that can be enjoyed in the comfort of (free) air-conditioning, bring your child

to a mall to walk around or run some errands. With lots of people-watching and window shopping to do, it is easy to cover a good distance in a mall, sometimes without even realizing it! Better yet, pick a day when the mall is having some sort of kids’ event on to let

them take part in some free activities and games!

So let go of your outdoor anxieties and get your child moving, playing, and exercising in the

safety of the shade today!

Want to get your kid up and moving with Far Post Academy's futsal classes? Contact Us today to sign them up for a 100% risk-free trial class!

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