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Futsal Classes in Desa Park City - ALL NEW!

We visited Desa Park City for our Roadshow futsal class on 11th June - and it was so much fun, we had to make it permanent!

Beginning July 2nd, 2022, we will be opening a weekly futsal class in Desa Park City for kids aged 12 and under!

Our weekly futsal lasses based in Petaling Jaya have been filling up, and we are almost at capacity. We also had some kids who really wanted to join in on our classes, but were based too far north to be able to make the weekly commute.

So, we listened to your feedback, and took the plunge. If you are based in the Desa Park City area (or any surrounding areas) and have been wanting to try something new, come join us for a Free Trial Class - no strings attached!

When you join Far Post Academy's weekly futsal classes, you get to:

- Develop Futsal Skills & Nurture Your Talents

- Train Under Experienced & Certified Coaches

- Track Progress & Performance with Real Data

- Gain Exposure to Futsal Tournaments & Competitions

Our classes will be based in Ace Sports World, Desa Park City. With new, state-of-the-art facilities, convenient stores for parents to visit while they wait, and ample parking, we knew this would be the perfect place to branch out.

Keen to sign up for a free trial? Submit this form and we'll get in touch soon!


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